Getting More Immersed in the Music Scene

What does it take to be more immersed in a music scene? This is actually a no-brainer kind of question. One of the easiest ways to do so would be to keep listening to the music in and of that particular scene, if only to arrive at a more complete picture and a more holistic understanding of it. This would mean exposing yourself more and more to the music itself, including its roots, its resultant genre, its dynamics, and many other related matters.

MusicOne sure-fire way to get more immersed in any music scene is to experience the music first-hand in its country of origin. This means, then, that for you to be well-versed in terms of the kind of music that it is, it would mean that you also have to understand the kind of world from which that music emerged – what were the country’s problems or concerns in the time when that music surfaced? Does the music speak of those problems or concerns? It would also be good to talk to more ‘organic’ musicians, those who have clearly established their roots in music as well as in culture.

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Leveling Up Your Music Devices

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