Top Radio Hits

The radio is one of the greatest electronic devices invented in our history. It played major roles, especially during wars to send news to people. Thus, it is one of the essential parts of the history of communication.

Surviving the Challenges in the Media Industry

Nowadays, you can listen to music using a smartphone, media players, or by surfing the internet. Though times have changed and there are tons of developments with technology, radio still remains an important part of our culture.

In the past, the radio played an important part of our lives. It is a major source of information and a form of entertainment. There are talks, discussions, and reports that you can listen from radio stations. It includes news, debates, and interviews with key personnel. Moreover, music is played on the radio as a form of entertainment. It helps set the mood while working or when a person wants to relax.

As years passed by, several electronic devices were invented. Suddenly, there was mass production of televisions, computers, media players, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. Furthermore, special discounts are given to increase sales. Thus, the role of radio was threatened. Good thing that radio stations were able to adapt with technology. Nowadays, you can listen to radio stations using the internet. Aside from using the radio, you can simply use your smartphone or surf the internet.


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Setting up Online Radio Stations

For those who are interested in the field of communication or want to stream their own music, they can try setting up their own online radio station at their homes.

First, you need your equipment – which includes a computer, microphone, music instrument, recording devices, and other equipment to produce the best music. Save money on electronics by using promo codes to get discount and freebies. Next, you need a server to stream your music – with the internet connection as an important factor. Next, is configuring the source app by downloading special plugins. After setting up everything, you can now stream your music.

Radio Rankings

Some of you may be wondering how radio stations rank the songs. The main factor is the airplay or the number of times the song is played. It is possible to track the airplay with the help of Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) run by Nielsen. A copy of all newly recorded songs is sent to the BDS so that it can be encoded and tracked by the system. The songs played on the radio stations are identified using the digital pattern-recognition technology of BDS.